TDA2822M Stereo headphone amplifier

TDA2822M Stereo headphone amplifier circuit

TDA2822M Stereo headphone amplifier circuit.

The TDA2822M is a monolithic integrated circuit in 8 lead Mini dip package. It is intended for use as dual audio power amplifier in portable cassette players and radios.

This is a 1 watt stereo amplifier module Kit using the TDA2822M IC from ST Microelectronics, which is equivalent to the KA2209 IC from Samsung. It will operate well from 3-12V DC and will work from a battery since the quiescent current drain is low.
The input and output are both ground referenced. Maximum output will be obtained with a 12V power supply and 8 ohm speaker, however it is particularly suitable for driving headphones from a supply as low as 3V.

TDA2822M Stereo headphone amplifier parts

 Specifications :

D.C. input : 3 12 V at 200 500 mA max.
Idle current : ~ 10 mA
Power output : > 1 Watt max. 4-8 ohms, 12V DC
> 500 mW, 32 ohm, 12V
> 500 mW, 4 ohm, 6V
~ 0.4 Watt RMS cont. per channel
Freq. Resp. : ~ 40 Hz to 200 kHz, 8 ohm, G=10 < 20 Hz to > 50 kHz, 32 ohm
THD : < 1 % @ 750 mW, 4-8Ω, 12V < 0.2 % @ 250 mW, 4-8Ω, 12V
Gain : ~ x10 (20 dB) OR x100 (40dB)
S/N ratio : > 80 dB, G = 20 dB > 60 dB, G = 40 dB
Sensitivity : < 300 mV, G = 20 dB
Input Z : ~ 22 k ohm
TDA2822M Stereo headphone amplifier PCB 1

TDA2822M Stereo headphone amplifier PCB 1
Assembly Instructions :
Assembly is very straight forward, just follow the PC board overlay. Make sure you get the integrated circuit and the electrolytic capacitors the correct way around. The electrolytic capacitors are polarized, they have a + or - marked on them and they must be inserted correctly into the PCB. The IC and socket have a notch at one end, which is marked on the PC board overlay. If there is no notch on the IC, there will be a dot next to pin 1, which is the same end.
Solder the socket in place first before installing the IC itself, then resistors, capacitors, and PCB pins.
TDA2822M Stereo headphone amplifier PCB 2

TDA2822M Stereo headphone amplifier PCB 2

Part list
R1 = 22K 1/8 watt
R2 = 22K 1/8 watt
C1 = 47mF 16 V
C2 = 47mF 16 V
C3 = 220mF 16 V
IC1 = TDA2822M