30 Watt power amplifier with Russian valves 6N1 - 6P3P

30 Watt power amplifier with Russian valves 6N1 - 6P3P

For most of us, a high power tube amplifier is unaffordable. This kit changes that, so that now everybody can enjoy that powerful and lush "tube sound". The sound of tubes has never been surpassed, neither by transistors nor by FETs.
  The weakest point of an tube amplifier are the output transformers; that's the reason why we use ultra-linear and over-rated toroidal output transformers to guarantee a rich bass response.
Plenty of power, deep bass and low distortion. This single channel tube amp delivers up to 30W of pure class AB power from its 6P3P output pentodes.
This Mono Integrated Tube Amplifier utilizes 6N1 triode and 6P3P pentode tubes. The amplifier has built-in volume control so that it can be driven directly from a CD player, tuner, etc. The amplifier operates on 120 or 240 Volts, 50 or 60 hertz and may be plugged into a convenient outlet.
Great for use with your iPod or other music player. Just connect the headphone out to the RCA inputs and you are rocking with tube audio.


  • tubes: 2 x 6P3P, 1 x 6N1
  • Input Impedance = 100k ohms
  • output power: 30Wrms class AB in 4 or 8ohm
  • bandwidth: 8Hz to 80kHz (-3dB/1W)
  • harmonic distortion: 0,1% at 1W/1kHz
  • signal/noise ratio: >110dB (A-weighted)
  • input sensitivity: 1V rms minimum (adjustable)


    W1=100K LOG POT.
    Rf=10K - 15K
    Ra=47  5 WATT
    Rb=200K 2 WATT
    Rc=2K 5 WATT

    C1=100MF 400V
    C2=100MF 400V
    C3=220MF 400V
    C4=0.22MF 400V
    C5=0.22MF 400V
    C6=47MF 63V
    Ca=470MF 450V
    Cb=0.022 450V

    4 Rectifier Diode=IN5408 3A 1000V OR OHTER

    TOROIDAL OUTPUT TRANSFORMER= 30 watt tube amp output transfomer 4.5K - 6,4KCT to 4-8 ohm
    POWER TRANSFORMER=Primary 220V Secondary 290-300V 300MA  AND  6V 3A + 6V 2A

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