Power Amplifier 250 - 500 Watt with transistors MJ15003

Amplifier 250 - 500W

Amplifier 250 - 500W circuit
GENERAL DISCRIPTION: The circuit is based around (TL 071) manufactured by NATIONAL semiconductors (MJ15003) by ON semiconductors It is a high fidelity audio power amplifier.
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BH1415F FM Stereo Transmitter

This Electronic circuit is a stereo FM Transmitter based on BH1415F wireless audio link IC. Phase Locked Loop (PLL) controller use PIC16F628 and the the PLL frequency programming can be displayed with 8x2 and 16x2 LCD. Frequency Range 88-108 MHz
FM Stereo Transmitter ( BH1415F )

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240 Volt AC TO 5 Volt DC Power supply

This is simple way to power some 5 volt logic from a 240vac source. If a 120 volt ac power adapter is used, the circuit will also work for 120 volt ac power lines.


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