600 Watt Hi - Fi audio power amplifier PA600

600 WATT HI-FI Power Amplifier PA600

Attached is the schematic of a PA or subwoofer power amplifier capable of delivering about 650W RMS into 4­ loads. The original design was called ’PA 600’ and was first published in the German magazine ’Elrad’ in 1990.

Towards the end of 1995, a scaled-down version of this circuit appeared in ’Elektor’ as ’PA 300’.
It is virtually the same circuit except for a less powerful output stage (now two complementary
pairs instead of five with additional driver stage) and minor changes in component selection and values. However, as ’Elektor’ is much more popular, many people built a ’PA 300’ without knowing it was scaled down from a bigger amplifier.

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