Audio Power Meter With LM3915

Audio  Power Meter With LM3915
This VU (volume-unit) meter is capable of monitoring anddisplaying power levels present at the speaker terminals ofan stereo audio power amplifier.
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Build a Tube Preamp for guitar with tone control

I decided recently to build a tube preamp for my home studio. Please note, however, that this is not a circuit for the novice electronics builder. The circuit itself is simple, but unlike most semiconductor projects, this one uses voltages near 300V. The danger of electrocution is present and neither the author can assume responsibility for protecting you.
If you are not familiar with good construction and safety practices for high – voltage electronics, do not attempt to build this circuit.

So how does it sound?

This preamp won’t make the sound of an overdriven Marshall stack, nor is it a heavy metal distortion unit, but it does produce tonal colors ranging from a slight “warming” to soft distortion. Turning down the drive control produces a somewhat brighter sound with no distortion? Turning the drive all the way up produces distortion that really bites on the bass strings and softens out on the higher notes. Driving the unit hard also produces a bit of a compression effect. With my two – finger power chord playing style, I find the overall effect quite pleasing.

Build a Tube Preamp for guitar with tone control
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600 Watt Hi - Fi audio power amplifier PA600

600 WATT HI-FI Power Amplifier PA600

Attached is the schematic of a PA or subwoofer power amplifier capable of delivering about 650W RMS into 4­ loads. The original design was called ’PA 600’ and was first published in the German magazine ’Elrad’ in 1990.
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One Chip Fm Radio KA22429

ONE CHIP FM RADIO The KA22429 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for Portable FM radio.
It is consistng of RF input stage, Mixer, IF, Mute control and Loop (earphone drive) AMP.
It is suitable a pocket - size radio.
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