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Resistor color code system

Resistor color code system
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DatasheetCatalog is free an online datasheet source for electronic components and semiconductors

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Tube DataSheets.

  • Noval Dual Small Signal triodes

  • 12AY7 Medium-Mu Twin Triode
    12AY7- RCA 1953
  • 12BH7 Medium-Mu Twin Triode
    12BH7A- RCA 1955
    12BH7- EI
  • ECC832 / 12DW7 High-Mu / Medium-Mu Dual Triode
    12DW7- Sylvania 1961
    ECC832- JJ Electronic 2003
  • ECC84 / 6CW7 Medium-Mu Twin Triode
    ECC84- RFT 1956 (German)
    ECC84- Philips 1956
  • ECC85 / 6AQ8 High-Mu Twin Triode
    ECC85- RFT 1956 (German)
    ECC85- Philips 1969
    B719- Marconi 1955

  • ECC86 / 6GM8 Medium-Mu Twin Triode

  • ECC86- Philips 1958

  • ECC88 / 6DJ8 Medium-Mu Twin Triode
    ECC88- Philips 1958
    E88CC- JJ Electronic 2003
    6DJ8- Sylvania 1963 (VT52)
    6DJ8- RCA 1975 (NJ7P)
    6922- GE 1973 (NJ7P)
  • ECC188 Medium-Mu Twin Triode
    E188CC- Philips 1962
  • 6EU7 High-Mu Twin Triode
    6EU7- RCA 1960 (Peter Millett)
    6EU7- RCA 1975 (NJ7P)
  • 6FQ7 / 6CG7 Medium-Mu Twin Triode
    6FQ7- RCA
    6FQ7- EI
    6CG7- GE 1956
  • 6N1P (6Н1П) Medium-Mu Twin Triode
    6N1P- Svetlana (SED) 1999
    6N1P- TUBES.RU
  • 5687 Medium-Mu Twin Triode
    5687- General Electric 1959
  • 5751 High-Mu Twin Triode
    5751- General Electric 1952
    5751- Siemens 1963 (German)
    5751WA- Tung Sol
  • 5814 Medium-Mu Twin Triode
    5814A- Siemens 1964 (German)
    5814WA- Tung Sol

  • Noval Small Signal Pentodes
  • EF86 / 6267 Pentode
    EF86- Philips 1970
    EF86 - Svetlana (SED) 1996
  • Noval Triode / Pentode Tubes
  • ECF82 / 6U8 Medium-Mu Triode / Sharp-CutOff Pentode
    ECF82 - RFT 1956
    6678 - RCA 1959

  • ECL82 / 6BM8 High-Mu Triode / Power Pentode
    ECL82 - Philips 1969
    6BM8 - Svetlana (SED) 1996

  • ECL84 / 6DX8 High-Mu Triode / Sharp-CutOff Pentode
    ECL84 - Philips 1958
    ECL86 / 6GW8 Medium-Mu Triode / Sharp-CutOff Pentode
  • ECL86 - Telefunken 1961 (German)
    6GW8 - RCA 1965
  • 6AN8 Medium-Mu Triode / Sharp-CutOff Pentode
    6AN8 - Sylvania
  • 7199 Medium-Mu Triode / Sharp-CutOff Pentode
    7199 - RCA 1963
    7199 - RCA AN-183: Application Note for 7199 (Triode Electronics)
  • Beam Power Tetrodes
  • 6L6 Beam Power Tetrode
    6L6 - RCA (Frank Philipse)
    6L6G - RFT 1953 (Frank Philipse)
    6L6GB - RCA 1957 (Frank Philipse)
    6L6WGB - Tung Sol
    6L6GC - GE 1959 (Frank Philipse)
    6L6GC - Svetlana (SED) 1996
    6L6GC - Svetlana (SED) 2001
    6L6GC - JJ Electronic 2003
    6L6GC - EI
  • 5881 Beam Power Tetrode
    5881- Tung Sol 1962
    6550 Beam Power Tetrode
  • 6550A - General Electric 1972
    6550C - Svetlana (SED) 1998
    6550C - Svetlana (SED) 2001
    7027 Beam Power Tetrode
  • 7027 - RCA 1958
    7027A - RCA 1959
    7027A - JJ Electronic 2005
  • Kinkless
  • KT66 Kinkless Tetrode
    KT66 - Osram
  • KT88 Kinkless Tetrode
    KT88 - Tesla Vrsovice
    KT88S - Teslovak 1996 (Penta Laboratories)

    KT88 - Svetlana (SED) 1999
    KT88 - Svetlana (SED) 2001
    KT88 - KR
    KT88 - JJ Electronic 2003
  • KT90 Kinkless Tetrode
    KT90 - EI
  • Power Pentodes
  • EL34 Power Pentode
    EL34 - Telefunken 1955 (German)
    EL34 - Philips 1969
    EL34 - Svetlana (SED) 1997
    EL34 - Svetlana (SED) 2001
    EL34 - Svetlana (SED) 2002
    EL34 - EI
    EL34 - JJ Electronic 2003

  • EL84 / 6BQ5 Power Pentode
    EL84 - Philips 1969
    EL84 - EI
    EL84 - JJ Electronic 2003
    SV83 - Svetlana (SED) 1997
  • Rectifiers
  • GZ32 / 5AQ4 Full-Wave Rectifier
    GZ32 - Philips 1949
  • GZ34 / 5AR4 Full-Wave Rectifier
    GZ34 - Philips 1958
    GZ34 - Telefunken 1963
    GZ34 - Philips 1970
    GZ34 - JJ Electronic 2003
    5AR4 - Amperex 1958
    5AR4 - General Electric 1959
  • 5AU4 Full-Wave Rectifier
    5AU4 - General Electric 1960
  • EZ80 / 6V4 Full-Wave Rectifier
    EZ80 - Philips 1953
  • EZ81 / 6CA4 Full-Wave Rectifier
    EZ81 - Philips 1970
    EZ81 - JJ Electronic 2005
    6CA4 - RCA 1960
  • Nuvistors
  • The nuvistor was developed by RCA and it was first introduced in 1959. Nuvistors were the latest tube development at just about the same time as the introduction of the first integrated semiconductor circuits. A nuvistor is a miniature vacuum tube in a thimble sized metal case.
    Nuvistors were also produced in Europe (by Philips/Mullard, Siemens and Lorenz) and in Russia.
    Tektronix used nuvistors in the front-end of their oscilloscopes in the 1960's.
    Neumann used the 13CW4 triode nuvistor in the famous U47 and U48 mics for a while when the Telefunken VF14 pentode wasn't available anymore. AKG used a 7586 nuvistor in the C-12A mics and a RCA 7586 nuvistor in the C61 mics.
    The first nuvistor to be produced by RCA was the 7586.
    Musical Fidelity used nuvistors in their Nu-Vista 300 amplifiers and their Nu-Vista 3D CD players. Only 500 pieces of each were built.
    Conrad Johnson used two 6CW4 nuvistors in their HV-1 and HV-2 Phono pre amps in thePhono pre amps in the 1980's।
  • 2CW4 / 6CW4 (CV10579) / 13CW4 High-Mu UHF Triode
  • 6CW4 - RCA 1963
    6CW4 - (The National Valve Museum)
    13CW4 - RCA 1964
  • 2DS4 / 6DS4 High-Mu Triode
    6DS4 - RCA (H.T. Schmidt)
  • 2DV4 / 6DV4 Medium-Mu Triode
    6DV4 - RCA (H.T. Schmidt)
  • 7586 (CV9686) Medium-Mu Triode
    7586 - Philips 1962
    7586 - Sylvania (H.T. Schmidt)
    7586 - (The National Valve Museum)
  • 7587 (CV8470) Sharp-CutOff Tetrode
    7587 - Philips 1962
    7587 - Lorenz 1962 (German)
  • 7895 (CV9738) High-Mu Triode
    7895 - RCA 1961
    7895 - Philips 1962
    7895 - Siemens (H.T. Schmidt)
    7895 - (The National Valve Museum)
  • 8056 Medium-Mu Triode
    8056 - Siemens 1964 (German)
  • 8203 Power Triode
    8203 - RCA 1964 (Frank Philipse)
  • 8393 Medium-Mu Triode
    8393 - (Virtual Valve Museum)
  • 8627 Power Triode
    8627 - RCA 1965 (Frank Philipse)

  • Other Nuvistor Sites
    TUBES.RU nuvistors list.
    PAENG Design's page on nuvistors.
    H.T. Schmidt's nuvistor page (in german).
    Valve Techie's nuvistor page. (Practical Television magazine article, dec 1962)
    Virtual Valve Museum nuvistor page.

    Links to other tube datasheet sites
    Duncan Munro's excellent TDSL3 search engine for tube datasheets on the Web.
    Frank Philipse
    A giant collection of Philips (and other brands) datasheets.
    Audio Antik
    Thorsten Kliefoth's Telefunken and Valvo datasheets.
    JJ Electronics
    The JJ Electronics tube datasheets in Flash HTML.
    Some of the EI tube datasheets in HTML.
    Bill Beech's online tube data from mostly RCA manuals.
    Pete Millet
    Peter Millett's online tube data.
    The Svetlana PM components site.
    Western Electric
    The Western Electric tube datasheets.
    The 1943, 1949 and 1959 Sylvania Tube Manuals online.
    A list of some Russian tube datasheets.
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    Jumpers & Connector Data

    Connector Data

    IBM-PC Printer Connector
    IBM-PC Monitor Connectors
    IBM-PC IDE BUS Connector
    IBM-PC ISA BUS Connector
    IBM-PC PCI BUS Connector
    IBM-PC Game Port Connector
    IBM-PC Power Connector
    Floppy Disc Drive Connector
    Printer(Centronix) Connector
    RS-232C Connectors
    SCSI BUS Connector
    Multi-I/O Card SST2845E (UM82C863F & UM82C865F Chip-set)
    Parallel Port I/F Card (UM82C11)
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    Analog IC Data Book

    Analog IC Data Book
    Click ' ' mark to view English Version!!
    Operational Amplifiers
    JFET Input Operational Amplifier
    High Frequency Operational Amplifier
    Dual Operational Amplifiers
    Operational Amplifier
    Quad Operational Amplifiers
    Low Offset, Low Drift Operational Amplifier
    Quad Voltage Comparators with OC
    Quad Voltage Comparators
    Audio Amplifiers

    1.2W Low Voltage Power Amplifiers

    2.3W Dual Low Voltage Power Amplifiers

    0.7W Low Voltage Power Amplifier
    Power Devices
    Positive 1A Linear Type Voltage Regulator
    Negative 1A Linear Type Voltage Regulator
    Positive 500mA Linear Type Voltage Regulator
    Negative 500mA Linear Type Voltage Regulator
    Positive 100mA Linear Type Voltage Regulator
    Negative 100mA Linear Type Voltage Regulator
    1.5A Adjustable Positive Voltage Regulator
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    Memory Data

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    CMOS Data Book

    CMOS Data Book

    Welcome dear elektronic friend.
    Here you find all about the CMOS-ICs of the 4000 series. For every IC a detailed datasheet with the most importend facts is available. The ideal reference book to build up a digital circuit fast. The original datasheets of the individual manufacturers are also available as PDF - download.

    The datasheet collection

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    TTL Data Book

    TTL Data Book
    Click ' ' mark to view English Version!!

    Quad 2-Input NAND

    Quad 2-Input NAND with OC

    Quad 2-Input NOR

    Quad 2-Input NAND with OC

    Hex Inverters

    Hex Inverter with OC

    Hex Inverter with OC

    Hex Buffers with OC

    Quad 2-Input AND

    Quad 2-Input AND with OC

    Triple 3-Input NAND

    Triple 3-Input AND

    Triple 3-Input NAND with OC

    Dual 4-Input NAND with Schmitt Triggers

    Hex Inverters with Schmitt Triggers

    Triple 3-Input AND with OC

    Hex Inverter with OC

    Hex Buffer with OC

    Hex Inverters with Schmitt Triggers

    Dual 4-Input NAND

    Dual 4-Input AND

    Dual 4-Input NAND with OC

    Quad 2-Input NAND with Schmitt Triggers

    Triple 3-Input NOR

    Quad 2-Input NOR

    Quad 2-Input OR

    Quad 2-Input NOR with OC

    Hex Buffers

    Hex Buffers with OC

    Dual 4-Input NAND Buffers

    Dual JK Flip-Flop

    Dual D-Type Flip-Flop

    Quad 2-Input XOR

    Dual Monostable Multivibrator

    Quad Tri-state Buffers

    Quad Tri-state Buffers

    Quad 2-Input NOR

    13 Input NAND

    3 to 8 Line Decoder

    Dual 2 to 4 Line Decoder

    8 to 3 Line Priority Encoder

    8 to 1 Line Data Selector

    Dual 4 to 1 Line Data Selectors

    4 to 16 Line Decoder

    Quad 2 to 1 Line Data Selectors

    Quad 2 to 1 Line Data Selectors (Inverted)
    Synchronous Presettable Binary Counter

    Octal 3-state Bus Inverters with Schmitt Triggers

    Octal 3-state Bus Drivers with Schmitt Triggers

    Octal 3-state Bus Transceiver with Schumitt Triggers

    Octal D-type F.F.s with Clear

    Hex 3-state Bus Buffers

    Octal D-Latches with OC

    Octal D-type F.F's with OC

    Octal D-type F.F's

    Dual 4-bit Binary Ripple Counter

    Octal 3-state Bus Inverters with Schmitt Triggers

    Octal 3-state Bus Drivers with Schmitt Triggers

    Octal O.C./3-state Bus Transceiver (inverted)

    Octal O.C./3-state Bus Transceiver

    Octal 3-state Bus Transceiver (inverted)

    Octal O.C. Bus Transceiver

    Octal O.C. Bus Transceiver (inverted)

    Octal 3-state Bus Transceiver (invert/non-invert)

    Octal O.C. Bus Transceiver (invert/non-invert)

    Octal 3-state Bus Transceiver
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    Transistors Data D... - ZTX753

    ON4359 N-DARL+D 120V 4A 40W  10MHz
    P6N60 N-FET 600V 6A 125W 1E8
    PH2222A SI-N 75V 0.8A 0.5W PLASTI
    PH2369 SI-N 15V 0.5A 0.5W 12/18ns
    PN2222A SI-N 75V 0.8A 0.5W PLASTI
    PN2907 SI-P 40V 0.6A 0.4W PLASTI
    PN2907A SI-P 60V 0.6A 0.4W PLASTI
    PN3563 SI-N 30V 50mA 0.2W 600MHz
    PN3638 SI-P 25V 0.5A 0.625W 100MHz
    R1004 SI-N 50V 0.1A 47K/47K
    RFP40N10 N-FET 100V 40A 160W 0.04E
    S1854 DRIVER STAGE 112.5/117.5V
    S2000AF SI-N 1500V 8A 50W 0.7us
    S2000N SI-N 1500V 8A 50W 0.7us
    S2055N SI-N+D 1500V 8A 50W 0.3us
    S2530A SI-N 1000V 10A 100W
    SGSF313 SI-N 450V 7A 70W 0.3us
    SGSF313XI SI-N 1000V 5A 25W 0.3us
    SGSF344 SI-N 600V 7A 85W
    SGSF445 SI-N 600V 7A 95W
    SGSF464 SI-N 600V 10A 140W
    SGSIF344 SI-N 600V 7A 35W
    SGSIF444 SI-N 600V 7A 55W
    SLA4061 N-DARL 120V 5A 25W POWER
    SS8050 SI-N 40V 1.5A 1W 100MHz
    SS8550 SI-P 40V 1.5A 1W 100MHz
    SSM2210P 2xSI-N 40V 20mA 0.5W 200MHz
    SSM2220P 2xSI-P 36V 20mA 0.5W 190MHz
    STA301A N-ARRAY 3x60V 4A  B=1K
    STA341M P/N-ARRAY 30V 1A B=100
    STA401A N-ARRAY 4x60V 4A B=1K
    STA402A P-ARRAY 4x50V 4A B=1K
    STA403A N-ARRAY 4x100V 4A B=1K
    STA434A P/N-ARRAY 2*60V 4A 20W
    STA441C N-ARRAY 4x160V 1.5A B=40
    STA451C P/N-ARRAY 2x60V 3A B=40
    STA471A N-ARRAY 4x60V 2A B=2K
    STP3NA60 N-FET 600V 2.9A 80W
    STP3NA60F N-FET 600V 2.1A 40W
    STP4NA60 N-FET 600V 4.3A 100W
    STP4NA60F N-FET 600V 2.7A 40W
    STP4NA80 N-FET 800V 4A 110W
    STP4NA80F N-FET 800V 2.5A 45W
    STW15NA50 N-FET 500V 14.6A 190W 0.0
    SUP70N06-14 N-FET 60V 70A 142W 0.014E
    THD200FI SI-N 1500V 10A 60W
    TIP102 N-DARL 100V 8A 80W
    TIP107 P-DARL 100V 15A 80W
    TIP112 N-DARL 100V 2A 50W
    TIP117 P-DARL 100V 2A 50W
    TIP122 N-DARL 100V 5A 65W
    TIP127 P-DARL 100V 5A 65W
    TIP132 N-DARL 100V 8A 70W
    TIP137 P-DARL 100V 8A 70W
    TIP142 N-DARL 100V 10A 125W
    TIP142T N-DARL 100V 10A 80W
    TIP147 P-DARL+D 100V 10A 125W
    TIP152 N-DARL+D 400/400V 7A 80W
    TIP162 N-DARL 380V 10A 3W
    TIP2955 SI-P 100V 15A 90W NF/S-L
    TIP29E SI-N 180V 2A 30W >3MHz
    TIP3055 SI-N 100V 15A 90W NF/S-L
    TIP33C SI-N 115V 10A 80W
    TIP34C SI-P 100V 10A 80W 3MHz
    TIP35C SI-N 100V 25A 125W 3MHz
    TIP36C SI-P 100V 25A 125W 3MHz
    TIP41C SI-N 100V 6A 65W 3MHz
    TIP42C SI-P 140V 6A 65W
    TIP50 SI-N 400V 1A 40W 2us
    TIP54 SI-N 500V 3A 100W 2.5MHz
    TIPL760 SI-N 850/400V 4A 75W
    TIPL760A SI-N 100V 4A 80W 12MHz
    TIPL761A SI-N 1000V 4A 100W
    TIPL762A SI-N 800V 6A 120W POWER
    TIPL763A SI-N 1000V 8A 120W 8MHz
    TIPL790A SI-N 150V 10A 70W 10MHz
    TIPL791A SI-N 450V 4A 75W
    U440 2xN-FET 25V 30mA 0.35W
    UPA63H 2xN-FET 60V Idss=20mA 0.5
    UPA81C N-ARRAY 8x40V 0.4A B>1K
    VN10KM N-FET 60V 0.31A
    VN66AFD N-FET 60V 2A 12W
    VN88AFD N-FET 80V 1.3A 20W
    ZTX213 SI-P 45V 0.2A 0.3W 350MHz
    ZTX342 SI-N 120V 0.1A 0.3W
    ZTX450 SI-N 60V 1A 1W 150MHz
    ZTX550 SI-P 60V 1A 1W 150MHz
    ZTX653 SI-N 120V 2A 1W =140MHz
    ZTX753 SI-P 120V 2A 1W TO92
    ZTX753M1TA SI-P 120V 2A 1W
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    Transistors Data D... - MRF475

    D44H11 SI-N 80V 10A 50W 50MHz
    D44H8 SI-N 60V 10A 50W
    D45H11 SI-N 80V 10A 50W 0.5us
    DTA114EK SI-P 50V 0.1A 0.2W 10K/10
    DTA114ES SI-P 50V 0.1A 10K/10KOHM
    DTA114TL SI-P 50V 0.1A 10KOHM
    DTA114YL SI-P 50V 0.1A 10K/47KOHM
    DTA124ES SI-P 50V 0.1A 22K/22KOHM
    DTA124XS SI-P 50V 0.1A 22K/47KOHM
    DTA143EK SI-P 50V 0.1A 0.2W 47/47K
    DTA143ES SI-P 50V 0.1A 4K7/4K7OHM
    DTA144EK SI-P 50V 0.1A 0.2W 47K/47
    DTA144ES SI-P 50V 0.1A 47K/47K
    DTA144TS SI-P 50V 0.1A 0.3W Rb=47K
    DTC114ES SI-N 50V 0.1A 10K/10KOHM
    DTC114TS SI-N 50V 0.1A 10K
    DTC114YS SI-N 50V 0.1A 10K/47K
    DTC124EK SI-N 50V 0.1A 0.2W 22/22K
    DTC124ES SI-N 50V 0.1A 22K/22KOHM
    DTC143EK SI-N 50V 0.1A 0.2W 4K7/4K
    DTC143ES SI-N 50V 0.1A 4K7/4K7OHM
    DTC143TS SI-N 50V 0.1A 4K7OHM
    DTC143XS SI-N 50V 0.1A 0.3W 4.7K/1
    DTC144EK SI-N 50V 0.1A 0.2W 47/47K
    DTC144ES SI-N 50V 0.1A 47K/47KOHM
    DTC144EU SI-N 50V 0.1A 0.2W 47/47K
    DTC144TS SI-N 50V 0.1A 0.3W 47KOhm
    DTC144WS SI-N 50V 0.1A 0.2W 47/22K
    ESM6045DV N-DARL+D 450V 84A 250W
    GD243 GE-P 65V 3A 10W
    GT20D101 N-IGBT 250V 20A 180W
    GT20D201 P-IGBT 250V 20A 250W
    H6N80 N-FET 800V 4.2A 170W 1E9
    HPA100R SI-N+D 1500V 10A 150W 0.2
    HPA150R SI-N+D 1500V 15A 180W 0.2
    IR2403 DARL.ARRAY 7x45V 0.4A
    IRF120 N-FET 100V 9.2A 60W
    IRF140 N-FET 100V 28A 150W 0E77
    IRF230 N-FET 200V 9A 75W
    IRF240 N-FET 200V 18A 125W
    IRF250 N-FET 200V 30A 150W
    IRF330 N-FET 400V 5.5A 75W
    IRF340 N-FET 400V 10A 125W
    IRF350 N-FET 400V 13A 150W 0.4E
    IRF440 N-FET 500V 8A 125W
    IRF450 N-FET 500V 13A 150W
    IRF520 N-FET 100V 10A 70W 0.27R
    IRF530 N-FET 100V 16A 90W 0.16R
    IRF540 N-FET 100V 28A 150W 0.077
    IRF630 N-FET 200V 9A 75W 0.4E
    IRF640 N-FET 200V 18A 125W 0.18R
    IRF644 N-FET 250V 14A 125W
    IRF730 N-FET 400V 5.5A 100W 1.0R
    IRF740 N-FET 400V 10A 125W 0.55R
    IRF740F N-FET 400V 5.5A 40W
    IRF820 N-FET 500V 3A 75W 3.0R
    IRF830 N-FET 500V 4.5A 100W 1.5R
    IRF830F N-FET 500V 3A 35W 1.5R
    IRF840 N-FET 500V 4.5A 40W 0.85R
    IRF840F N-FET 500V 4.5A 40W 0.85R
    IRF9140 P-FET 100V 19A 125W
    IRF9240 P-FET 200V 11A 125W
    IRF9530 P-FET 100V 12A 88W 0.3R
    IRF9540 P-FET 100V 19.0A 150W 0.2R
    IRF9610 P-FET 200V 1.75A 20W 3R
    IRF9620 P-FET 200V 3.5A 40W 1.5R
    IRF9630 P-FET 200V 6.5A 75W 0.8R
    IRF9640 P-FET 200V 11A 125W 0.5R
    IRFBC30 N-FET 600V 3.9A 100W 2.2R
    IRFBC40 N-FET 600V 6.2A 125W 1.2R
    IRFBE30 N-FET 800V 4.1A 125W
    IRFD120 N-FET 100V 1.3A 1.3W
    IRFD9120 P-FET 100V 1A 1.3W
    IRFD9220 P-FET 200V 0.6A 1E5 1W
    IRFF120 N-FET 100V 6A 20W 0.3R
    IRFP054 N-FET 60V 70A 230W
    IRFP064 N-FET 60V 70A 300W
    IRFP140 N-FET 100V 31A 180W O.77R
    IRFP150 N-FET 100V 40A 180W 0.55R
    IRFP240 N-FET 200V 20A 150W 0.18R
    IRFP250 N-FET 200V 33A 180W
    IRFP340 N-FET 400V 11A 150W
    IRFP350 N-FET 400V 18A 250W 0.3R
    IRFP360 N-FET 400V 28A 410W 0.2R
    IRFP450 N-FET 500V 14A 180W 0.4R
    IRFP460 N-FET 500V 25A 410W O.27R
    IRFP9140 P-FET 100V 19A 150W O.2R
    IRFP9240 P-FET 200V 12A 150W
    IRFPC40 N-FET 600V 6.8A 150W 1.2R
    IRFPC50 N-FET 600V 13A 250W 0.60R
    IRFPE40 N-FET 800V 5.4A 150W
    IRFPE50 N-FET 900V 7.8A 190W
    IRFPF40 N-FET 900V 4.7A 150W
    IRFPF50 N-FET 900V 6.7A 190W
    IRFR9024 P-FET 60V 9.6A 50W 0.28W
    IRFZ20 N-FET 50V 15A 40W
    IRFZ44 N-FET 60V 46A 250W 0.028R
    IRFZ48 N-FET 60V 50A 250W 0.018R
    ITT9013G SI-N 30V 0.5A 100MHz
    J111 N-FET 40V 50mA 0.4W 30R
    J300 N-FET 25V 6mA 0.35W
    J309 N-FET 25V 30mA
    J310 N-FET 25V 60mA
    KSA708 SI-N 80V 0.7A 0.8W 50MHz
    KSA733 SI-P 60V 0.15A 0.25W 50MHz
    KSC2316 SI-N 120V 0.8A 0.9W 120MHz
    KSC2328A SI-N 30V 2A 1W 120MHz
    KSC2330 SI-N 300V 0.1A 50MHz
    KSC2331 SI-N 80V 0.7A 1W 30MHz
    KTA1273 SI-P 30V 2A 1W 120MHz
    KTC3198 SI-N 60V 0.15A 0.4W 130MHz
    KTC9012 SI-P 30V 0.5A 0.625W
    KTC9013 SI-N 30V 0.5A 0.625W
    KTC9014 SI-N 50V 0.15A 0.625W
    KTC9015 SI-P 50V 0.15A 0.625W
    KTC9018 SI-N 30V 20mA 0.2W 500MHz
    KTD1351 SI-N 60V 3A 30W 3MHz
    M54661P 4xTRANS.ARRAY+DIODE 1.5A
    MAT02FH 2xSI-N 40V 20mA 0.5W 450MHz
    MGF1302 N-FET 6V 0.1A 0.3W 4GHz
    MJ10001 N-DARL+D 500V 20A 175W B>
    MJ10005 N-DARL+D 500/400V 20A 175
    MJ1001 N-DARL 80V 8A 90W
    MJ10012 N-DARL+D 600V 10A 175W
    MJ10016 N-DARL+D 500V 50A 250W 1us
    MJ11015 P-DARL 120V 30A 200W
    MJ11016 N-DARL 120V 30A 200W
    MJ11032 N-DARL 120V 50A 300W
    MJ11033 P-DARL 120V 50A 300W
    MJ15003 SI-N 140V 20A 250W 3MHz
    MJ15004 SI-P 140V 20A 250W 3MHz
    MJ15015 SI-N 120V 15A 180W 0.8MHz
    MJ15016 SI-P 120V 15A 180W 0.8MHz
    MJ15022 SI-N 350/200V 16A 250W
    MJ15023 SI-P 350V 16A 250W 4MHz
    MJ15024 SI-N 250V 16A 250W
    MJ15025 SI-P 400V 16A 250W 4MHz
    MJ16018 SI-N 1500V 10A 175W
    MJ2501 P-DARL 80V 10A 150W
    MJ2955 SI-P 100V 15A 150W 4MHz
    MJ3001 N-DARL 80V 10A 150W
    MJ4032 P-DARL 100V 10A 150W
    MJ4035 N-DARL 100V 16A 150W
    MJ413 SI-N 400V 10A 125W > 2.5MHz
    MJ4502 SI-P 100V 30A 200W
    MJ802 SI-N 90V 30A 200W
    MJE13004 SI-N 300V 4A 75W TO220
    MJE13005 SI-N 300V 8A 75W
    MJE13005 SI-N 300V 8A 75W
    MJE13007 SI-N 400V 8A 80W
    MJE13009 SI-N 400V 12A 100W
    MJE15030 SI-N 150V 8A 50W 30MHz
    MJE15031 SI-P 150V 8A 50W 30MHz
    MJE18004 SI-N 450V 5A 100W 13MHz
    MJE18006 SI-N 450V 6A 100W 14MHz
    MJE18008 SI-N 450V 8A 125W 0.3US
    MJE210 SI-P 40V 5A 15W >65MHz
    MJE243 SI-N 100V 4A 15W >40MHz
    MJE253 SI-P 100V 4A 15W >40MHz
    MJE270 N-DARL 100V 2A 15W >16MHz
    MJE271 P-DARL 100V 2A 15W B>1K5
    MJE2955T SI-P 70V 10A 90W AFPOWER
    MJE3055T SI-N 70V 10A 90W AFPOW.
    MJE340 SI-N 300V 0.5A 20W VIDPOW
    MJE350 SI-P 300V 0.5A 20W VIDPOW
    MJE5850 SI-P 350/300V 8A 80W
    MJE800 N-DARL+D 60V 4A 40W B>750
    MJE8502 SI-N 700V 5A 80W B>750
    MJF18004 SI-N 450V 5A 35W 13MHz
    MJF18008 SI-N 450V 8A 45W 0.3us
    MJF18204 SI-N 600V 5A 35W 13MHz
    MJW16018 SI-P 800V 10A 150W 3MHz
    MJW16206 SI-N 1200V 12A 150W 3MHz
    MJW16212 SI-N 650V 10A 150W
    MPF102 N-FET 25V 2mA
    MPS3640 SI-P 12V 80mA 635mW 500MHz
    MPSA06 SI-N 80V 0.5A 0.625W DRIV
    MPSA10 SI-N 40V 0.1A 0.21W 50MHz
    MPSA12 N-DARL 20V 0.5A 0.625W
    MPSA14 SI-N 30V 0.5A 0.625W
    MPSA18 SI-N 45V 0.2A 625mW 100MHz
    MPSA42 SI-N 300V 0.5A 0.625W
    MPSA44 SI-N 500V 0.3A 625mW 20MHz
    MPSA56 SI-P 80V 0.5A 0.625W DRIV
    MPSA70 SI-P 40V 0.1A 0.35W >125MHz
    MPSA92 SI-P 300V 0.5A 0.625W
    MPSH10 SI-N 25V 40mA 0.35W 650MHz
    MRF237 SI-N 36V 0.6A 4W 174MHz
    MRF455 SI-N 36V 15A 60W 30MHz
    MRF475 SI-N 20V 4A 4W 50MHz
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    Transistors Data BGX... - CA3018

    BGX885N CATV AMPL. 860MHz 17dB
    BGY88 CATV AMP. 450MHz 35dB
    BGY89 CATV AMP. 450MHz 38dB
    BLW32 SI-N 50V 0.65A 10W 3.5GHz
    BLW60C SI-N 18V 9A 100W 650MHz
    BLX15 SI-N 110V 6.5A 195W 275MHz
    BLY87C SI-N 36V 1.53A 20W 175MHz
    BLY88C SI-N 18V 3A 36W 850MHz
    BLY89C SI-N 18V 6A 73W 800MHz
    BLY93C SI-N 65V 2A 25W 175MHz
    BLY94 SI-N 65V 6A 50W 175MHz
    BS107 N-FET 200V 0.13A 0.8W 26R
    BS108 N-FET 200V 0.23A 0.8W 8E
    BS170 N-FET 60V 0.3A 0.8W 5R
    BS208 P-FET 200V 0.2A 0.8W
    BS250 P-FET 45V 0.18A 0.83W
    BSN254A N-FET 250V 0.3A 1W <7e>100
    BSR50 N-DARL 60V 2A 0.8W 350MHz
    BSR60 P-DARL 45V 1A 0.8W
    BSS123 N-FET 100V 0.17A 13/29ns
    BSS38 SI-N 120V 0.1A 0.2W
    BSS44 SI-P 65V 5A 5W
    BSS52 N-DARL 100V 1A 0.8W
    BSS68 SI-P 60/40V 0.8A
    BSW68A SI-N 150V 2A 5W 130MHz
    BSW85 SI-N 75V 0.5A 0.5W 250MHz
    BSX20 SI-N 40V 0.5A .36W 7/18ns
    BSX26 SI-N 40V 0.5A 0.36W
    BSX29 SI-P 12V 0.2A 0.36W 25/35
    BSX32 SI-N 65V 1A 0.8W 35/40ns
    BSX47 SI-N 120V 1A 5W
    BSX52 SI-N 25V 0.2A 0.3W B>180
    BSX59 SI-N 45V 1A 0.8W
    BSX88 SI-N 40V 0.5A 0.36W
    BSY56 SI-N 120V 0.5A 0.8W 100MHz
    BTS121A N-FET 100V 22A 95W 0.1E
    BU106 SI-N 325V 10A 50W
    BU107 SI-N 300V 10A 50W
    BU109 SI-N 330V 10A 85W
    BU110 SI-N 150V 10A 30W 15MHz
    BU124A SI-N 400V 10A 50W 6MHz
    BU125 SI-N 130/60V 5A 0.8W 100MHz
    BU128 SI-N 300/200V 10A 62W
    BU133 SI-N 750/250V 3A 30W TO3
    BU1506DX SI-N+D 1500V 5A 32W 0.5US
    BU1508AX SI-N 1500V 8A 35W 0.6US
    BU1508DX SI-N+D 1500V 8A 35W 0.6US
    BU180A SI-N+D 400V 10A
    BU180E N-DARL 1500V 5A 12W
    BU189 N-DARL 330V 8A 60W
    BU208A SI-N 1500V 8A 150W THIN B
    BU208B SI-N 700V 5A 80W 7MHz
    BU208D SI-N+D 1500V 8A 150W
    BU209 SI-N 1700V 4A 12.5W TO3
    BU226 SI-N 2000V 1.5A 10W TO3
    BU2506DF SI-N+D 1500V 5A 45W 0.4us
    BU2506DX SI-N+D 1500V 5A 45W 0.4US
    BU2508A SI-N 1500V 8A 125W 0.4us
    BU2508AF SI-N 1500V 8A 45W 0.4us
    BU2508AX SI-N 1500V 8A 45W 0.4US
    BU2508D SI-N+D 1500V 8A 125W 0.4us
    BU2508DF SI-N+D 1500V 8A 45W 0.4us
    BU2508DX SI-N+D 1500V 8A 45W 0.4us
    BU2520AF SI-N 1500V 10A 45W 0.2us
    BU2520AX SI-N 1500V 10A 45W 0.2us
    BU2520DF SI-N+D 1500V 10A 45W 0.35
    BU2520DX SI-N+D 1500V 10A 45W 0.35
    BU2525A SI-N 1500V 12A 0.2us
    BU2525AF SI-N 1500V 12A 45W 0.2us
    BU2525AX SI-N 1500V 12A 45W 0.2US
    BU2525D SI-N+D 1500V 12A 0.2us
    BU2527AF SI-N 1500V 12A 45W 0.2us
    BU2527AX SI-N 1500V 12A 45W 0.2US
    BU2722AF SI-N 1700V 10A 45W
    BU312 SI-N 280/150V 6A 25W
    BU325 SI-N 200/200V 3A 25W
    BU326A SI-N 900V 6A 75W
    BU326S-RFT SI-N 800/400V 6A 60W TO3
    BU406 SI-N 400V 7A 65W 0.75us
    BU406D SI-N+D 400V 7A 65W 0.75us
    BU407 SI-N 330V 7A 65W 0.75us
    BU407D SI-N+D 330V 7A 65W 0.75us
    BU409D SI-N+D 250V 7A 60W
    BU412 SI-N+D 280V 8A
    BU413 SI-N 330V 10A 60W TO3
    BU414B SI-N+D 900V 8A 60W
    BU415A SI-N 800V 12A 120W TO3
    BU415B SI-N+D 800V 12A 120W
    BU426A SI-N 900V 6A 114W
    BU426E SI-N 800V 6A 70W TO220
    BU426V SI-N 800/375V 6A 70W
    BU433 SI-N 375V 6A 70W
    BU500 SI-N 1500V 6A 75W
    BU500D SI-N+D 1500/700V 6A 75W
    BU505 SI-N 1500V 2.5A 75W 0.9us
    BU505D SI-N+D 1500V 2.5A 75W
    BU505DF SI-N+D 1500V 2.5A 20W
    BU506 SI-N 700V 5A 100W POWER
    BU506D SI-N+D 700V 5A 100W POWER
    BU506DF SI-N+D 1500V 5A 20W POWER
    BU508A SI-N 1500V 8A 125W 0.7us
    BU508A SI-N 1500V 8A 125W 0.7us
    BU508A SI-N 1500V 8A 125W 0.7us
    BU508AF SI-N 1500V 8A 34W 0.7us
    BU508AF SI-N 1500V 8A 34W 0.7us
    BU508AF SI-N 1500V 8A 34W 0.7us
    BU508D SI-N+D 1500V 8A 125W 0.7us
    BU508D SI-N+D 1500V 8A 125W 0.7us
    BU508DF SI-N+D 1500V 8A 34W 0.7us
    BU508DF SI-N+D 1500V 8A 34W 0.7us
    BU508DR SI-N+D 1500V 8A 125W
    BU522 N-DARL 400/375V 7A 75W
    BU526 SI-N 800V 8A 86W
    BU536 SI-N 1100V 8A 62W
    BU546 SI-N 1350V 6A 100W TO3
    BU603 SI-N 1350V 5A 100W 0.7us
    BU606D SI-N+D 400V 7A 90W
    BU608 SI-N 400V 6A 90W TO3
    BU608D SI-N+D 400V 7A 90W
    BU626A SI-N 1000V 10A 100W
    BU705 SI-N 1500V 2.5A 75W 0.7us
    BU706DF SI-N+D 1500V 5A 32W 0.7us
    BU706F SI-N 1500V 5A 32W 0.7us
    BU801 SI-N+D 600V 3A 40W
    BU806 N-DARL+D 400V 8A 60W 0.35
    BU806FI SI-N+D 400V 8A
    BU808DF N-DARL+D 1500/700V 5A 50W
    BU810 N-DARL+D 600V 7A 75W
    BU824 N-DARL+D 650V 0.5A
    BU826 N-DARL+D 800V 6A 125W 0.2
    BU826A N-DARL+D 900V 6A 125W 0.2
    BU920P N-DARL 350V 10A 120W
    BU921P SI-N 400/450V 10A 120W
    BU931 SI-N 500V 15A 175W
    BU931T SI-N 450V 10A 125W
    BU932 N-DARL 500V 15A 175W
    BU932P N-DARL 500V 15A 125W
    BU941P N-DARL 500V 15A 150W
    BU941ZP N-DARL 350V 15A 150W
    BUF405A SI-N 1000/450V 7.5A 80W
    BUF405AF SI-N 1000V 7.5A ISOLATED
    BUF410 SI-N 850V 15A 125W
    BUH1015 SI-N 1500V 14A 160W 0.11us
    BUH1015HI SI-N 1500V 14A 70W 0.11us
    BUH1215 SI-N 1500V 19A 200W 0.11us
    BUH315 SI-N 1500V 5A 50W
    BUH315D SI-N+D 1500/700V 5A 50W
    BUH515 SI-N 1500V 8A 60W 3.9us
    BUH515D SI-N+D 1500/700V 8A 60W
    BUH517 SI-N 1700V 8A 60W 3.9us
    BUH517D SI-N+D 1700/700V 8A 60W
    BUH715 SI-N 1500V 10A 60W
    BUK436/800B N-FET 800V 4A 125W <4e>
    BUT70 SI-N 200V 40A 200W
    BUT72 SI-N 400V 40A 200W
    BUT76A SI-N 1000V 10A 100W 0.8us
    BUT90 SI-N 200V 50A 250W
    BUT92 SI-N 350/250V 50A 250W
    BUT93 SI-N 600V 4A 55W 9MHz
    BUV18 SI-N 120V 47A 250W 1.5us
    BUV20 SI-N 160V 50A 250W 1.5us
    BUV21 SI-N 250/200V 40A 250W
    BUV23 SI-N 325V 40A 250W
    BUV24 SI-N 400V 30A 250W
    BUV25 SI-N 500V 20A 250W
    BUV26 SI-N 180V 14A 85W 1.8us
    BUV26A SI-N 200V 20A 85W
    BUV27 SI-N 240V 12A 65W 40ns
    BUV28 SI-N 400V 10A 65W 40ns
    BUV28A SI-N 450V 10A 65W 40NS
    BUV46A SI-N 1000/450V 6A 85W
    BUV48A SI-N 1000V 15A 150W 0.8us
    BUV48AF SI-N 1000V 15A 65W
    BUV48C SI-N 1200/700V 15A 150W
    BUV48CF SI-N 1200V 15A 65W
    BUV50 SI-N 250V 25A 150W
    BUV56A SI-N 1000V 10A 70W
    BUV61 SI-N 300V 50A 250W
    BUV70 SI-N 1300/550V 10A 140W
    BUV90 N-DARL+D 650V 10A 125W
    BUV93 SI-N 600/350V 2A 15W 12MHz
    BUV98A SI-N 1000V 30A 150W 5MHz
    BUW11A SI-N 1000V 5A 100W 0.8us
    BUW11AF SI-N 1000V 5A 32W 0.8us
    BUW12 SI-N 850V 8A 125W 0.8us
    BUW12A SI-N 1000V 8A 125W 0.8us
    BUW12F SI-N 850V 8A 34W 0.8us
    BUW13 SI-N 850V 15A 175W 0.8us
    BUW13A SI-N 1000V 15A 175W 0.8us
    BUW23 SI-P 450V 10A 125W <300ns>8MHz
    BUX20 SI-N 160V 50A 350W 1.5us
    BUX22 SI-N 300V 40A 250W POWSWI
    BUX23 SI-N 400/325V 30A 350W
    BUX24 SI-N 450/400V 20A 350W >8
    BUX32B SI-N 1000V 8A 150W
    BUX37 N-DARL 400V 15A 35W
    BUX39 SI-N 120/90V 30A 120W 8MHz
    BUX40 SI-N 160V 20A 120W 1.2us
    BUX41 SI-N 250V 15A 120W
    BUX41N SI-N 220/160V 18A 120W
    BUX42 SI-N 300V 12A 120W
    BUX48A SI-N 1000V 15A 175W 0.8us
    BUX51 SI-N 300/200V 3.5A 10W >8
    BUX54 SI-N 450V 2A 10W >8MHz
    BUX55 SI-N 450V 2A 10W 8MHz
    BUX66 SI-P 200/150V 2A 35W >20MHz
    BUX77 SI-N 100V 5A 40W >2.5MHz
    BUX80 SI-N 800V 10A 100W
    BUX81 SI-N 1000V 10A 100W
    BUX82 SI-N 800V 6A 60W
    BUX84 SI-N 800V 2A 40W 0.4us
    BUX85 SI-N 1000V 2A 40W 0.4us
    BUX85F SI-N 1000V 2A 18W 0.4us
    BUX86P SI-N 800V 0.5A 20W 0.4us
    BUX87 SI-N 1000V 0.5A 20W 0.4us
    BUX87P SI-N 1000V 0.5A 20W 0.4us
    BUX88 SI-N 1500V 12A 160W 7MHz
    BUX98A SI-N 450V 30A 250W
    BUX98C SI-N 1200V 30A 250W 5MHz
    BUY18S SI-N 80/40V 10A 20W
    BUY47 SI-N 150/120V 7A 10W 90MHz
    BUY49P SI-N 250V 3A 10W
    BUY49S SI-N 250V 3A 10W 50MHz
    BUY69A SI-N 1000V 10A 100W 1us
    BUY70A SI-N 1000/400V 10A 75W
    BUY71 SI-N 2200V 2A 40W HORDEL
    BUY72 SI-N 280/200V 10A 60W
    BUY89 SI-N 1500V 6A 80W
    BUZ10 N-FET 50V 20A 80W 0.08R
    BUZ100 N-FET 50V 60A 250W 0.18E
    BUZ11 N-FET 50V 36A
    BUZ11A N-FET 50V 27A 90W 0.055R
    BUZ14 N-FET 50V 39A 125W
    BUZ15 N-FET 50V 45A 125W
    BUZ171 P-FET 50V 8A 40W 0.3R
    BUZ21 N-FET 100V 21A
    BUZ215 N-FET 500V 5A 75W
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    Transistors Data BF... - BFY90

    BF115 SI-N 50V 30mA 0.15W
    BF120 SI-N 220V 50mA 0.3W
    BF125 SI-N AM/FM V/M/O/ZF450MHz
    BF152 SI-N 30V 0.2W 800MHz VHF-
    BF155 SI-N 40V 20mA 600MHz
    BF161 SI-N 50V 20mA 550MHz
    BF163 SI-N 40V 20mW 600MHz
    BF164 SI-N 40V 0.2W 600MHz
    BF166 SI-N 40V 20MA 0.175W 500MHz
    BF173 SI-N 40V 25mA 0.23W 600MHz
    BF180 SI-N 30V 20mA 675MHz .15W
    BF182 SI-N 25V 20mA 650MHz
    BF184 SI-N 20V 30mA 260MHz
    BF186 SI-N 190V 0.06A 0.8W 120MHz
    BF189 SI-N 30V 25mA 270MHz
    BF195 SI-N 30V 30mA 200MHz .22W
    BF199 SI-N 40V 25mA 0.3W 550MHz
    BF200 SI-N 30V 20mA 0.15W 500MHz
    BF224 SI-N 45V 50mA 0.25W 450MHz
    BF240 SI-N 40V 25mA 0.25W 400MHz
    BF244A N-FET 30V 25mA 0.3W
    BF244C N-FET 30V 25mA 0.3W
    BF245A N-FET 30V 25mA 0.3W
    BF245B N-FET 30V 25mA 0.3W
    BF245C N-FET 30V 0.1A 0.3W 170MC
    BF246C N-FET 25V 25mA 0.25W
    BF247B N-FET 25V 25mA 0.25W
    BF247C N-FET 25V 25mA 0.25W
    BF253 SI-N 30V 30mA 150MHz
    BF254 SI-N 30V 30mA 260MHz .22W
    BF255 SI-N 20V 30mA 200MHz .22W
    BF256A N-FET 30V 7mA .25W
    BF357 SI-N 30V 0.05A 1.6GHz
    BF362 SI-N UHF-V 800MHz
    BF370 SI-N 40V 0.1A 0.5W >500MHz
    BF377 SI-N 15V 25mA 1.3GHz
    BF393 SI-N 300V 0.5A 0.65W
    BF410B N-FET 20V 0.7mA
    BF410C N-FET 20V 12mA AMPLIF
    BF411 SI-N 110V 0.05A 0.3W
    BF417 SI-N 300V 0.2A 6W 50MHz
    BF418 SI-P 300V 0.2A 6W 50MHz
    BF419 SI-N 300V 0.1A 6W
    BF420 SI-N 300V 0.1A 0.83W
    BF421 SI-P 300V 0.1A 0.83W
    BF424 SI-P 30V 25mA 300MHz
    BF435 SI-P 160V 0.2A 0.625W 80MHz
    BF440 SI-P 40V 25mA 250MHz
    BF441B SI-P 40V 25mA 250MHz
    BF450 SI-P 40V 25mA 375MHz .25W
    BF455 AM/FM-V/M/O 400MHz
    BF459 SI-N 300V 0.1A 10W 90MHz
    BF462 SI-N 350V 0.5A 10W 45MHz
    BF471 SI-N 300V 0.1A 2W 60MHz
    BF472 SI-P 300V 30mA 2W 60MHz
    BF479 SI-P 30V 50mA .16W 1.4GHz
    BF487 SI-N 400V 0.05A 0.83W
    BF493 SI-P 300V 0.5A 0.625W
    BF494 SI-N 20V 30mA 260MHz
    BF495C SI-N 30V 30mA 200MHz 0.3W
    BF496 SI-N 30V 20mA 0.3W 550MHz
    BF506 SI-P 40V 30mA 0.3W 550MHz
    BF507 SI-N 30V 20mA 0.5W >750MHz
    BF509 SI-P 40V 30mA 0.3W 750MHz
    BF516 SI-P 35V 20mA 850MHz
    BF569 SI-P 40V 30mA 280mW 850MHz
    BF585 SI-N 350V 0.05A 5W 70MHz
    BF587 SI-N 400V 0.05A 5W >70MHz
    BF622 SI-N 250V 0.1A 2W
    BF679 SI-P 40V 30mA .16W 880MHz
    BF680 SI-P 40V 30mA .16W 750MHz
    BF689 SI-N 15V 25mA 0.2W 1GHz
    BF689K SI-N 25V 25mA 0.36W 0.2GHz
    BF758 SI-N 300V 0.5A 2W
    BF759 SI-N 350V 0.5A 10W VID-PO
    BF763 SI-N 15V 25mA 0.36W 1.8GHz
    BF770A SI-N 15V 0.05A 5.5 GHZ
    BF791 SI-P 300V 0.1A 5W
    BF799 SI-N 30V 35mA 280mW 800MHz
    BF819 SI-N 250V 0.1A 1.2W
    BF820 SI-N 300V 25mA >60MHz
    BF821 SI-P 300V 25mA 0.31W
    BF840 SI-N 40V 25mA 0.28W 380MHz
    BF844 SI-N 450V 0.3A 625mW >50MHz
    BF859 SI-N 300V 0.1A 2.5W
    BF871 SI-N 300V 0.1A 1.8W
    BF872 SI-P 300V 0.1A 1.6W 60MHz
    BF881 SI-N 400V 0.03A >60MHz
    BF883S SI-N 275V 0.05A 7W >60MHz
    BF891 SI-P 400V 30mA
    BFR40 SI-N 70V 1A 0.8W >100MHz
    BFR79 SI-P 90V 1A 0.8W >100MHz
    BFR84 N-FET-DG 20V 50MA 0.3W
    BFR90 SI-N 15V 30mA 5GHz 19.5dB
    BFR90A SI-N 15V 30mA 5.5GHz 16dB
    BFR91 SI-N 12V 50mA 5GHz 18dB
    BFR91A SI-N 12V 50mA 6GHz 14dB
    BFR92 SI-N 15V 30mA 5GHz 19.5dB
    BFR92A SI-N 15V 30mA 5.5GHz 16dB
    BFR92R SI-N 15V 30mA 5GHz REVERS
    BFR93A SI-N 15V 50mA 6GHz 14dB
    BFR95 SI-N 25V 0.15A 1.5W 3.5GHz
    BFR96 SI-N 15V 75mA 5GHz 16dB
    BFR96S SI-N 15V 0.1A 5.5GHz 11dB
    BFS17 SI-N 15V 25mA 1GHz E1
    BFS19 SI-N 30V 30mA 260MHz
    BFS20 SI-N 30V 25mA 450MHz G1
    BFS22A SI-N 3V 0.75A 4W 175MHz
    BFS23A SI-N 36V 0.5A 4.5W 500MHz
    BFT25 SI-N 8V 6.5mA 50mW 500NHz
    BFT43 SI-N 125/100V 1A 0.8W
    BFT45 SI-P 250V 0.5A 0.75W 70MHz
    BFT66 SI-N 15V 30mA 4.5GHz 12dB
    BFT79 SI-P 90V 1A 0.8W >100MHz
    BFT95 SI-P UHF 15V 25mA 3.6-5GHz
    BFW10 N-FET 30V 20mA AMPL.
    BFW11 N-FET 30V 10mA AMPL.
    BFW12 N-FET 30V 5mA AMPL.
    BFW16A SI-N 25V 0.3A 1.5W 1.2GHz
    BFW17A SI-N 25V 0.3A 1.5W 1.1GHz
    BFW30 SI-N 10V 0.1A 0.25W 1.6GHz
    BFW43 SI-P 150V 0.1A 0.4W 150MHz
    BFW44 SI-P 150V 0.1A 0.7W 50MHz
    BFW92 SI-N 15V 50mA 0.3W 1.6GHz
    BFW92A SI-N 15V 25mA 3.2GHz 13dB
    BFX34 SI-N 60V 5A 0.87W
    BFX37 SI-P 90V 0.1A 0.36W 70MHz
    BFX38 SI-P 55V 1A 0.8W B>85
    BFX40 SI-P 75V 1A 0.8W B>85
    BFX48 SI-P 30V 0.1A 0.36W
    BFX55 SI-N 60V 0.4A 2.2W 700MHz
    BFX85 SI-N 100V 1A 0.8W
    BFX89 SI-N 15V 50mA 0.2W 1.3GHz
    BFY39 SI-N 45V 0.1A 0.3W 150MHz
    BFY50 SI-N 80V 1A 0.7W 55/175ns
    BFY51 SI-N 60V 1A 0.7W
    BFY52 SI-N 40V 1A 0.8W 100MHz
    BFY56 SI-N 60V 1A 0.8W
    BFY64 SI-P 40V 0.6A 0.7W
    BFY88 SI-N 25V 25mA 850MHz
    BFY90 SI-N 15V 25mA 2GHz 8dB
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